Which HDB Towns Have Seen the Biggest Rise in Flat Values?

These days, flats are seen as roofs over our heads rather than “retire rich in Thailand” investment packages. But we know some of you still have an eye toward upgrading, so we looked at overall flat appreciation over 15 years, in all the HDB towns.

Complete guide to HDB grants

5 Questions that determine how many (and how much ) HDB Grants your qualify for .To simplify how HDB grants work, all you need to do is to focus on five questions.Assuming you're Singaporean or Permanent Resident and either engaged or married, by simply answering these five questions, you can determine how much HDB grants you qualify for.

Housing grants available in Singapore

Whether you’re getting a Build-To-Order (BTO) or a resale flat, there are different housing grants available in Singapore to help you on this big-ticket item purchase. After deducting these grants, you may opt to pay off the rest of the amount either through a Housing Development Board (HDB) loan or a bank loan.

Property Curbs Couldn’t Stop The Rich And Famous From Buying A Home

It’s been almost a year since the latest cooling measures were enforced and while overall sales transaction volume has been going down, the high-end segment continues to hold its appeal amongst property investors, which includes the rich and the famous!

Primary 1 registration 2020: Are you likely to face balloting?

Primary 1 registration for the 2020 cohort begins on July 3 and ends on Oct 31, 2019. Here’s a look at registration data and some advice on how to pick the right school for your kid.